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Safety in the Freight Shipping Industry


Leave the "Shipping Wars" for Reality TV. We're Focusing on Safety.

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There's a lot of sweat and money that goes into your products before it is palletized and shipped out on a truck. As entertaining as the various characters on A&E's "Shipping Wars" show might be, you probably shouldn't give "the Rookie" a chance to decimate your precious cargo. Unfortunately, the best shipping experiences don't make it onto reality TV. But companies that choose quality carriers are more likely to avoid the additional costs of hassle and damage, delight their vendors and customers, and run more successful and profitable businesses.

More and more trucks are on the road each year, and amazingly, safety in the freight shipping industry is only getting better. Between 1975 and 2005, the number of registered large trucks increased by 58% to 8.5 million. Yet the number of crashes has remained stable. This means that per truck on the road, the chances of a crash or accident have been cut in half!!

Furthermore, studies have shown that passenger vehicles are to blame for 70 to 80% of motor carrier crashes. Unfortunately, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) does not distinguish "blame" in its overview of each trucking company. Every crash regardless of fault goes on a trucking company's record, so the best trucking companies compete that much harder for responsible professionals and defensive drivers.

Veteran logistics managers constantly monitor the safety ratings of their network trucking companies. There are over 1.2 million trucking companies in the United States. You should work only with the best. Doing so can take more time up front, but it will save you and your customers lots of time, angst, and money in the long run. Always put a premium on safety. Safe and sustainable practices protect good business.

Businesses that understand the freight industry understand that freight is inevitably lost pr damages, but still always place a premium on safety and quality. There are hundreds of load boards chock-full of "rookie" owner-operators willing to ship your precious cargo for a few dimes. If you use these load boards, make sure you've properly vetted the carrier before placing your freight in their truck. You're also welcome to call the OneMorePallet hotline (855 - 438 - 1667) for a second look.

I can't stress enough. Focus on safety and reliability first, ensuring that your freight gets safely from point to point. There are many professional LTL carriers to choose from. For these carriers, the safety of their drivers and your freight is a priority, and competitive LTL rates should always remain a close second.

OneMorePallet helps small businesses reduce freight shipping costs by filling unused truck space.